Stampede – Weight Reduction – 9v stock – 26v Lipo (16v Tested)



This DIY kit contains the components needed to modify your Stampede to accept normal, cheap, light weight AA batteries or High Voltage rechargeable batteries for MAXIMUM output!

6xD to AA format adapters. Works with 14500 style cells also!

Units are drop in easy to install!

Requires no understanding of electronics!
Does not require you to disassemble the blaster!

Works with AA 1.5v battery up to Trustfire 4.2v for MAXIMUM CARNAGE (upper limits as yet untested)

Lets face it.. if you own a stampede you are probably disappointed in its performance. It’s heavy, it’s slow rate of fire makes it more bark than bite.
The stock 9v is not enough. We HIGHLY recommend using higher voltage batteries to achieve better performance. Voltages up to 16v using LiFePo4 have proven a great match for this blaster. Too much though and the blaster can continually fire… so consider dummy cells to get the proper balance of voltage for your 6 cells.
Watch our comparisons of a stock stampede vs one with our modded tray. AMAZING ROF increase.

For those of you needing MOAR POWER… we can custom make any voltage tray you require. Testing currently up to 24v has been preformed and tested to work properly when used in conjunction with 13kg (2.5x) springs. Contact us for a custom configuration kit.

Actual customer comment feedback
“So… stock is 9v… and your (upgraded) pack is 12v…. and it makes it this much better!?!”  – Carl
Yes.. at face value 3v doesn’t seem like much however it’s not just voltage it’s amperes too. These battery packs have been specifically sourced for the high voltage your ROF requires AND high amperes that the Stampede requires for stable performance.

Products design based off:
Battery adapter by kudoh – Published on October 23, 2013 –


Additional information

Weight 0.07 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 0.5 in


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