LaserGnomes was founded in the fall of 2011 as an experimental study into extending the product life cycle of aging toys. The concept was simple, reduce waste. Through reclamation, refurbishing, and resell over 10,000lbs have been reclaimed from the landfills (That’s 5 tons).

Although epic it was not enough. Glaring truths stood out and could not be ignored; we’re talking about planned obsolescence. The majority of this waste could be immediately prevented and we saw a need to resolve it, immediately.

We’ve developed over a dozen unique products to support our mission as well as our market. We’re leading the way in P.O.D., Parts on Demand, and envision a future where all replacement parts are a click away.

Locally we’ve hosted a variety of social games to give cause to dust off forgotten products and put them to better uses. Directly teaching the benefits of repair and instilling a sense of pride in ownership brings back the value to forgotten products.