Q. What’s a LaserGnomes?
A. LaserGnomes comes from the combination of innovative technologies (Lasers) for the betterment of the environment through mindful designs and applications (Gnomes).

Q. Do you ship to _______?
A. Yes we ship to anywhere postal services will allow us too. There are certain regulations that may limit what we can ship to which countries. Please inquire if you think you might be in a restricted country.

Q. Are you the same LaserGnomes on ebay/twitter/youtube/etc?
A. Yes, we’ve been serving the NIC/Maker communities for 6 years now in various social formats.

Q. What do you make your products from?
A. Most products are made from PLA (poly lactic acid) filament which is commercially biodegradable and non-toxic.
In some designs we may use PLA+ which is a special formulation of PLA but is still non-toxic and biodegradable.

Q. Do you sell your designs for home printing?
A. No, we do not offer our designs for sale at this time. We may look into a digital download with limited production licenses.

Q. Do you work in other materials?
A. We can but really prefer not too. If material properties are a concern we can discuss alternatives.

Q. Do you warranty your parts?
A. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee for all 3d printed parts and custom blasters. All parts are tested prior to shipping however things do happen.
We typically offer a no questions asked exchange policy (you pay shipping back we pay shipping to return).

Q. Do your parts work on all blasters?
A. Our designs attempt to take into consideration the loose tolerances of the retail products they are design for.
This means a part maybe loose or tight depending on your blasters construction. We err on the side of tight and recommend light sanding to fit if it’s too tight.

Q. I have a great idea, can we work something out?
A. CERTAINLY! We’re looking to add a “NIC DESIGNS” area where budding product designers can work with us to refine designs and handle production and distribution for a share of the sales.
Inquire if you think you have a viable idea you want to bring to the NIC.

Q. What is NIC?
A. Nerf Internet Community