MasterStrike – LG Edition


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Here is your chance to own an even more fearsome blaster than our MasterKey… the fully automatic MasterStrike!!
*Shown with optional barrel suppressor for extra “TactiCool”

We start with RapidStrike, which on it’s own is amazing.
We provide reusable components to allow the use of high performance AA format batteries. Tested with voltages from 12v-16v without problems.
We then painstakingly hand cut a Nerf Elite Rough Cut 2×4 to integrate that into the underbelly of the RapidStrike
We 3d print a custom bracket which firmly attaches the Roughcut to the undercarriage while still allowing access to the battery compartment.

Along with other attachment points this integration is ROCK solid with no glue, tape, or epoxy required.
Shells are held together by actual screws or 3d printed parts. NO GLUE OR EPOXY USED
Easy to take apart for paint or further mods and reassemble. The magic is the cut pattern and the custom 3d printed integrator.

Want something else? Want something more? Inquire!

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 12 in


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